Zakir and his tabla

Title: Zakir and his tabla

Author: Sandhya Rao

Pictures: Priya Kuriyan

Publisher: Tulika

Age group: 6 and up

Availability: easily available online and at stores

Price: INR 275/-

Big little book award 2019

Zakir Hussain, I am sure you are familiar with this tabla maestro popularly know as Ustad Zakir Hussain who has earned great name and fame in Indian classical music. Awarded with Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan he is a tabla player, music composer, percussionist and a film actor.

Here’s a storybook that introduces young readers to this Sangeet maestro in his growing up years. His childhood is an example that will enlighten children to be more focused and determined in life.

Sandhya Rao is one of the finest writers for children in India. Her books have won awards and accolades. With over 20 books to her credit she knows what the children love.

The story revolves around the journey of young Zakir whose magical fingers made him unique and unequalled Ustad Zakir Hussain . The author has made sure to keep the story crisp and too the point with some amazing incidents from Zakir ‘s life. His journey from being a student to a legend is presented in a very interesting and simple way. Children will definitely build up their vocabulary words while reading the book .

Illustrations in the book are by Priya Kuriyan , an award winning illustrator whose pictures speak more than words. The portrayal of little Zakir is life like. What I liked the most was the usage of subtle colors in between blacks and browns. The pictures are eye catching and filled with energy and add a spark to the story.

A book worth adorning your book shelf with. Encourage kids to read about real heroes.

Must buy.

Happy reading.


Akanksha Datta

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