Razia and the pesky presents book review

Title: Razia and the Pesky Presents

Author: Natasha Sharma

Illustrator: Priya Kurian

Age Group: 8 to 12

Publisher : Scholastic

This storybook stole my heart away. Wonderful story with amazing comic timing, hilarious illustrations with funny twists and turns.

The story is based on the only woman ruler of Delhi, Razia Sultan. How she managed to rule a kingdom besides all odds and demotivation from certain people. She is being sent pesky presents and soppy poems challenging her to rule but she is determined to find the culprit and solve the mystery.

The comic timing and humor in the story is too funny not and causes uncontrollable laughter. The dialogues are really waggish and humorous.

The funny characters and their hilarious ridiculous acts make the story all the more enjoyable and gripping. Children would not want to leave the book until they finish it.

After all need to know the culprit who sends the pesky presents.

Vocabulary and sentence construction in the story is quite refined.

Author Natasha Sharma is a renowned Children storybook author with more than 18 published books that have won several awards. Icky Yucky Mucky, Princess Easy pleasy, Rooster Raga, Shah Jahan and the Ruby robber , Kaka and munni, Raja Raja and the swapped sacks etc are some of her amazing stories. Her wit and humor makes children roll on floor with laughter.

Illustrator Priya Kurian is one the most sought after illustrator for charming listen story books. Her illustrations are so fit to the story that they make the whole reading experience come to life through her bright colorful pictures. Amma chi’s glasses, Bookasura, Rooster Raga , Monkey trouble, Zakir and his tabla etc are just amazing illustrated story books.

A must read.


Akanksha Datta

Story books on Lord Ganesha

Do you know why do we celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi?

Ganesh Chaturthi is a ten-day Hindu festival celebrated to honour the elephant-headed God Ganesha’s birthday. He is the younger son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Ganesha is known by 108 different names and is the Lord of arts and sciences and the deva of wisdom. He is honoured at the start of rituals and ceremonies as he’s considered the God of beginnings. He’s widely and dearly referred to as Ganapati or Bappa.

Ganesha pujan starts from installing an idol of Bappa in your home. Various dishes are offered for (bhog). The idol is given a bath with pure water and then decorated with flowers. Various bhajans, and mantras are chanted at this time with Ganesha Stuti. Legend says it brings life to the idol and Ganesha brings prosperity and good fortune with him. For the same reason the day is observed as a very auspicious day.
Modak is known to be the lord’s favourite sweet and is therefore one of the main dishes made on this day. Other dishes include Karanji, ladu, barfi and pede.

Ganesha Chaturthi is a festival that brings joy hope and optimism in the life of people. Here are few book recommendations to know more about our Ganapati Bappa. Story books that are beautifully illustrated to catch attention of inquisitive readers.

Story books help kids to understand mythology in a better way as they are able to relate to the story through pictures. And in recent years several publication houses have curated beautiful books on mythology with bright pictures to acquaint kids with our mythology.

All the books you see in the collage above are easily available online.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Happy reading

Akanksha Datta

Akanksha’s Book club

Straight from a book blogger’s heart ❤️📚

Random post

Om books store

Being a book blogger, what I love the most is – spending hours at a bookstore browsing books, exploring best sellers, analysing newbies on the shelves, books on sale, limited edition books etc etc.

Quills and Canvas book store and art gallery

Be it any genre I would definitely take a look but what hooks me is the children section as that’s my forte. Illustrated books, wordless picture books, novels, encyclopaedia, activity books, dictionaries are what I like to read, review and recommend.

Bahrisons bookseller

Sometimes at a book store, I meet random people who are confused and struggling to choose books for their little ones and I become their knight in the shining armour. That’s my moment when I show my immense knowledge of being a book blogger and they leave with a bag full of books trusting my judgement.

Eureka children bookstore

While browsing books I actually enter a multi verse , a parallel universe where imagination, knowledge and creativity has no bounds. I am awed by the stories, the pictures, the whole idea of presenting a thought through a book. And that’s what I want every child to experience and enjoy learning through reading.

Crossword Book Store

I have reviewed and recommended more than 200 books so far and the journey continues. Sometimes I take too long breaks to post a blog which I am trying my best to work upon. Blogging is something that makes me really happy and content as I do it purely with all my heart. What I get in return is the best feeling ever- helping parents raise good readers.

It’s indeed a beautiful feeling to call myself- A Book Blogger. Stay tuned for book reviews and recommendations on my blog.

Looking forward to visit new bookstores, public libraries, book fest, book fair and book launch events .

Kunzum book store

Happy reading

Akanksha Datta

Akanksha’s Book Club

Wordless picture books

I have always loved story books with beautiful and artistic illustrations. Pictures add a flavour to the story making it more interesting and attractive for the little avid readers.

Wordless picture books though have their own charm. They not only entertain but also generate creativity and imagination in kids.

A child is encouraged to think out of box while interpreting the wordless picture book. They can have their own interpretation of the story, they can elaborate upon it as per their imagination and even rewrite it as their own understanding.

Here are three wordless picture books that I really like 👍🏻

1. Ammachi’s glasses

A book curated by my favorite illustrator Priya Kurian
A story that is so hilarious and entertaining. Pictures definitely speak thousand words.

2. कतरन

A book about siblings and the childish frivolity
This is definitely a must have for kids

3. Amma

A sweet story by Kavita singh kale that will make you feel nostalgic
A story that depicts the most beautiful bond on earth

According to me Wordless picture books aren’t age specific. For infants and toddlers they are books with bright images, for small kids they are pictures that portray something and for children aged 7 and above they can be a source of creative writing, character analysis, script writing and group discussions and much more.

So next time when you visit a bookstore or are browsing books online, ask for a wordless picture book and adorn your bookshelf with it.

Happy interpreting

Akanksha Datta

Akanksha’s Book Club

Kunzum Art Competition for Children: Reimagining Books

For DELHI-NCR region

What if readers could design covers of books they have loved? Or illustrate characters and settings they fondly recall from the pages they have read? Better still, what if they allow their imagination to graphically represent books not yet written?

If these readers happen to be children, we can only expect to see magic unfold. At an art competition designed to bring out the best of their creativity.


An art competition where participants can draw any of the following:

* Book Covers: They can recreate those of existing books or come up with one entirely of their own.
* Characters and Settings: Illustrate any characters, situations, settings, events etc. they have read about it any book. They can give their own interpretation or improvisation and need not just reflect what was described.


The competition will be held for the following age groups:

* Under 5: They need not follow the theme above. They can draw anything.
* Ages 5-7
* Ages 8-10
* Ages 11-13


* The top 3 in each category will be awarded a certificate and surprise gifts.
* All meritorious entries will be awarded a certificate each.


* Competition will open on August 20, 2022 and run through till September 11, 2022.
* Winners will be announced not later than September 25, 2022.


* Participants will be required to come to a Kunzum outlet and draw on the spot only. They can come during opening hours on any of the dates from start to end of the competition. If they cannot finish in a single session, they can leave their artworks at the store and return any number of times till they complete it. Locations and timings at: https://kunzum.com/bookshops.
* Kunzum will provide limited quantities of art sheets, colour pencils, poster paints and brushes, and crayons. Participants are free to bring any additional drawing materials; there is no restriction of what they may use.


* There is no entry fee.
* Each participant may submit up to three entries.
* For the purpose of category, age on August 19, 2022 will be considered. For example: If one turned 10 on June 5, 2022, then they may participate in the ages 8-10 category.
* The decision of the jury will be final and binding.
* All submissions will become the property of Kunzum and may be used by them for any purpose whatsoever including for promotions and editorial purposes.


+91.8800 200 280 (WhatsApp Only)
+91.88001 90368 (Mobile)

Glittering career prospects

Amethyst by Rahul Popli

Jewellery industry has grown phenomenally inviting creative minds to create masterpieces that leave an indelible impression. Earlier goldsmiths were the only craftsman associated with jewellery designing but with changing times, jewellery designers came into demand and started getting good recognition.

Breaking away from stereotypes, Jewellery designing has gained momentum in past few years and has attracted many young and skilled individuals to choose this promising career. Creative minds have a great scope to flourish in this field and make a mark. Jewellery is no more just a priced possession but a fashion statement that makes jewellery designing all the more lucrative and alluring.

Students aspiring to take up jewellery designing as a career have various options to choose from as there are multiple courses related to jewels, gems, stones and carving. A jewellery designer needs to understand that nothing enchants more than a classic set of jewelry. Just one piece can turn heads around and make one stare. It is no more just an accessory, it’s a style statement. The simplest of attire can transform your look drastically if complemented with a perfectly coordinated jewelry. The designs you curate will become a conversation starter for a beholder.

Malabar jewellers

Jewelry is the most sought-after accessory since time immemorial. From classic gold jewelry to contemporary silver designs, from timeless diamond studded pieces to semi-precious embedded stones, from delicate classy articles to hefty bold items, jewelry has seen tremendous transition in recent years. Jewellery industry has grown phenomenally inviting creative minds to create masterpieces that leave an indelible impression. Earlier goldsmiths were the only craftsman associated with jewellery designing but with changing times, jewellery designers came into demand and started getting good recognition.

Courses available

  • Certification in Gemmology
  • Diploma/post graduate diploma in Jewellery designing
  • Certification in embossing
  • Diamond grading courses
  • Colored gemstone identification
  • Jewellery design in Rhino
  • Computer aided diploma in jewellery design
  • Diploma in jewellery management
  • Micro pave setting course
  • Manual jewellery designing course
Bridal jewelry collection

There is no dearth of courses available in jewellery designing, a student can opt for any of the above-mentioned courses or check for more courses available in institutes and online. Colleges and institutes in India not only offer wide variety of courses but also provide opportunities to work with the experts to hone the skills and learn the art. The right guidance leads to the correct path and a bright future. A person who has completed his/her course from a good institute and has worked as an intern with a refined mentor can choose any of these career paths as per their skill sets. The employment areas that offer job opportunities to aspiring jewellery designers are –

  • Retail jewellery business
  • Gem grinder
  • Jewellery merchandiser
  • Jewellery exhibition manager
  • Gem polisher
  • Boutiques
  • Grading consultant
  • Jewellery historian
  • Teaching and research
  • Jewellery store manager
  • Gemstone consultant
  • Gemologist
  • Jewellery manufacturer

Jewellery designing is an art, an aesthetic profession that requires training, precision and creativity. It is a designer’s job to research well and prepare innovative ideas to curate special and classy pieces, end to end review and rectification of products, to stay updated on market trends, to meet the expectation of the brand and the clientele, to be original, to be adaptive to market needs, to ensure quality to provide finished product in designated timeline.

Jainsons bridal collection

Few Colleges/Institutes for jewelry designing in India

  1. Indian Institute of Gems and Jewelry – Delhi
  2. JD Institute of Fashion Technology- Delhi
  3. Indian Institute of Gems and Jewelry- Mumbai
  4. Gemmological Institute of India- Mumbai
  5. Pearl Academy of Fashion- Jaipur/Noida/Mumbai/Delhi
  6. Arch Academy of Design- Jaipur
  7. INSD- Pune
  8. International Institute of Gemology- Bangalore
  9. Parul University- Vadodara

( These are just few recommendations not necessarily in ranking order. There are several more institutes that offer jewellery designing courses in India)

Jewelry has never lost its significance as it enhances one’s beauty and personality. Jewellery designers have so much to offer to trinket lovers in terms of style, designs and pattern. The styles and patterns of jewelry have evolved according to the changing tastes of the bearer. While the classic jewelry (also known as the sentimental jewelry) never lost its charm, trendy and chic designs have their own fan base giving jewellery designers an opportunity to exhibit their talent in several ways possible. From antique/vintage ornaments to trending/contemporary accessories, jewelry has come a long way. This is the era of modish and fashionable culture where comfort and style go hand in hand. The bijouterie industry offers a promising career to those who have the capability to understand the market and curate pieces that become trendsetters.

Zaveri pearls from Myntra

Akanksha Datta

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