The adventure of Woka Chimni

Title : The adventure of Woka Chimni

Author: Preeti Vyas

Publications: Funokplease and Penguin India

Illustrations: Happy Fish

Age group: 4 and up

Price: INR 225/-

Availability: easily available online and at bookstores

Are you fond of traveling and visiting new places? Do you like exploring new lands and adventuring new terrains because this storybook is all about that.

Young readers get ready to visit India through the eyes of an adventurous Sparrow. Enjoy the splendor of our country and experience it’s natural beauty as shown by Woka the Sparrow. The illustrator has pictured The Little Sparrow in a very cute way.

The most amazing part of the book is the narration done by the little house Sparrow who is awed by the beauty of India. A gentle unthreatening endangered creature is a brilliant choice as the main character. The description of Sunderbans and Pangong lake are phenomenal. Story is gripping and bright full page illustrations are quite attractive and interesting.

Though there are small loopholes in the facts presented and the book is over loaded with information which is too overwhelming yet the story is fun to read .

Kids will like exploring new places in India through the eyes of a small adventurous feisty Sparrow and will learn a lot about our very own beautiful country.

There are numerous activities that can be done with this storybook.

Do grab a copy.

Happy reading

Akanksha Data

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