Razia and the pesky presents book review

Title: Razia and the Pesky Presents

Author: Natasha Sharma

Illustrator: Priya Kurian

Age Group: 8 to 12

Publisher : Scholastic

This storybook stole my heart away. Wonderful story with amazing comic timing, hilarious illustrations with funny twists and turns.

The story is based on the only woman ruler of Delhi, Razia Sultan. How she managed to rule a kingdom besides all odds and demotivation from certain people. She is being sent pesky presents and soppy poems challenging her to rule but she is determined to find the culprit and solve the mystery.

The comic timing and humor in the story is too funny not and causes uncontrollable laughter. The dialogues are really waggish and humorous.

The funny characters and their hilarious ridiculous acts make the story all the more enjoyable and gripping. Children would not want to leave the book until they finish it.

After all need to know the culprit who sends the pesky presents.

Vocabulary and sentence construction in the story is quite refined.

Author Natasha Sharma is a renowned Children storybook author with more than 18 published books that have won several awards. Icky Yucky Mucky, Princess Easy pleasy, Rooster Raga, Shah Jahan and the Ruby robber , Kaka and munni, Raja Raja and the swapped sacks etc are some of her amazing stories. Her wit and humor makes children roll on floor with laughter.

Illustrator Priya Kurian is one the most sought after illustrator for charming listen story books. Her illustrations are so fit to the story that they make the whole reading experience come to life through her bright colorful pictures. Amma chi’s glasses, Bookasura, Rooster Raga , Monkey trouble, Zakir and his tabla etc are just amazing illustrated story books.

A must read.


Akanksha Datta

Book recommendation

Short stories

Short stories remain the most interesting form of storytelling over the centuries. One of the most flexible literary genres, the short story can accommodate almost anything from fairytales to horror stories, romance and fantasy to comedy and satire, and more.

Short stories are widely read and immensely lauded. Some of the most exceptional writers have dabbled in this form penning beautiful unforgettable stories.

I picked these three amazing books that have a carefully crafted selection of best stories from across the globe by world’s iconic storytellers.

The collection features some remarkable writers including Nobel Prize winners, stories from all slices of life which will make you laugh, cry, smile or sulk.

Publishers are Om Books International, Grapevine and Fingerprint Publications . Do grab a copy, I assure you will be hooked to these books.

A must read 📚
Happy reading 📖

Akanksha Datta

Book review

These sensational New York Times bestsellers inspire girls around the world to dream bigger, aim higher and fight harder.

Illustrated by 60 female artists from every corner of the globe, this book is a must have for all young woman who wish to establish their individuality.

The perfect companion to these books is an illustrated journal filled with 100 activities designed to help girls train their rebel spirit. It helps to channelize your thoughts, discover your identity, plan your ambitions and celebrate yourself. It motivates to embrace your potential with joy and determination.

My personal favorites, I highly recommend these books. So this Women’s Day gift them to someone you love to help them accomplish their dreams.

Happy Women’s Day

The Creative Writing Book

Eureka Eureka!

Finally found an amazing creative writing book by Usborne Publications, which contains all the ingredients I was looking for to hone up the writing skills.

The book is curated by scholarly experts. From writing short stories to novels, movie scripts, blogs, comic strips, poems, news reports, reviews etc this book will is all what you need to understand the do’s and dont’s in creative writing.

Suitable for ages 9 to 99, this book will help you unleash your ideas and express them freely in the precise way. A perfect gift for a budding writer.

Every topic is covered in a very interesting style and there’s enough space for you to write in. The illustrations are simply marvelous and make the book more enchanting.

There is a glossary at the end and links to websites as an additional support for extra learning.

You are just one book away to become, “author extraordinaire”.

Akanksha Datta

Sudha Murthy

Book recommendation

Unusual tales from our very own usual incredible storyteller and bestselling author Sudha Murthy.

Mythology is always very intriguing and enthralling. Demons and deities, gods and goddesses, battles and peace treaties, curses and boons, myths and realities are legends that attract our keen attention and interest.

In these amazing books, our much loved writer Sudha Murthy reintroduces the fascinating world of mythology to kids through her fascinating stories. Trust me even adults would be enchanted by thsee storybooks.

I highly recommend, do grab your copies now.

Publisher: Penguin
Illustrator: Priyanka Gupta
Cover design: Neeluma P Aryan
Author: Sudha Murthy

Happy reading 📚