Esperanza Rising

Life can change anytime, so always be prepared to take life head on.

Book : Esperanza Rising

Author : Pam Munoz Ryan

Publisher : Scholastic

Age group : 9 and above

Genre: Young adult fiction

A critically acclaimed book, This story is about Esperanza a lovely girl and her grandmother Abulia. Winner of several awards this book teaches how life can turn upside down anytime. Narrated in a lyrical form the story gives a fairytale feeling. How a young girl aged 10 fights all the hardships in life to learn the lesson of adjustments , compromises and survival.

It’s a well written novel in simple language, there is some usage of Spanish words which is quite interesting.

The best part is the bonus activities provided at he end of the book. Comprehension, art and craft, vocabulary etc, they can also illustrate their favorite scenes. Write critical analysis of characters, write character sketches and much more.

Children would definitely find the story interesting and enlightening.

The book has won several awards and is used in Universities and schools for reference in English Literature.

Highly recommend it.



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