Book recommendation

Short stories

Short stories remain the most interesting form of storytelling over the centuries. One of the most flexible literary genres, the short story can accommodate almost anything from fairytales to horror stories, romance and fantasy to comedy and satire, and more.

Short stories are widely read and immensely lauded. Some of the most exceptional writers have dabbled in this form penning beautiful unforgettable stories.

I picked these three amazing books that have a carefully crafted selection of best stories from across the globe by world’s iconic storytellers.

The collection features some remarkable writers including Nobel Prize winners, stories from all slices of life which will make you laugh, cry, smile or sulk.

Publishers are Om Books International, Grapevine and Fingerprint Publications . Do grab a copy, I assure you will be hooked to these books.

A must read 📚
Happy reading 📖

Akanksha Datta

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