Book Review- The Geeta for Children

Title- The Geeta for children

Author- Roopa Pai

Illustrator-Sayan Mukherjee

Publication- Hachette India Publication

Age group- 9 and above

Availability- Easily available at bookstores and online

Available in Hindi and English both.

Price- INR299/-

It’s been a while since parents were requesting me to suggest The Geeta for children. My search was on and I was looking for a book that children can easily understand. And then one day after browsing many books I found one by Hachette publications written by Roopa Pai that caught my attention. I skimmed through the pages and bingo, I knew it was the one. I gifted it to myself and the journey towards enlightenment began.

To start with let me introduce you The Bhagwad Geeta, it’s a Sanskrit poem written in India some 2500 years ago, the title of which literally means,’ The song of the Lord’. It’s a holy book of Hindus, a conversation between two friends- Krishna and Arjun, a book of wisdom about how to lead a righteous and happy life.

When I started reading the book , what I liked the best was the usage of language and vocabulary according to the dictionary of young readers. Children will relate to the text as its written keeping their age in mind. Every chapter explains the teachings of Krishna in a very simple yet powerful way. There are examples of renowned authors, classic tales, cartoon characters, historical events, day today incidents etc to keep the interest intact. Roopa makes sure that the kids are not just reading the book but understanding it and imbibing its core values. At no point of time one will feel bored as its written in a very interesting and intriguing way. Actually for me, it’s a book for all ages. People who wish to read Geeta but shy away because of its complicated language and description can try grabbing a copy of this one. Trust me you will definitely enjoy, I did!

The amount of knowledge you will gain after reading this book is phenomenal. All those questions you always had in mind related to life will be well answered after you complete the book. After every chapter there are lessons from The Geeta that explain the crux of the chapter. For example, I loved that part where the chapter is all about self-discipline and the author explains to the kids, why it is important to pack your school bag one night before, be regular at school or learn some skill etc. The way she has expressed the importance of self-discipline is amazing. I even enjoyed reading the part where she quotes an excerpt from ‘if’ by Rudyard Kipling where she reveals the recipe for happiness and wants the children to understand the importance of success and failure in life. There are many such beautiful examples in the book that strike the chord.

The illustrations by Sayan Mukherjee are very cute and adorable. Simple sketches that touch the heart. Sayan works an art director at a leading advertising agency. He has illustrated several children story books. 

Lucid, thought provoking and brimming with fun trivia, this book will stay with you long after you have turned the last page. This wonderful one-of-a-kind re-telling of the epic busts the myhts related to The Bhagwad Geeta that its meant for old people and is extremely difficult to understand. Roopa has made sure that this book enlightens every age group and they find its teachings worthy and valuable to lead a great life. Some other books by Roopa are, The Vedas and Upnishads for children, Taranauts, Krishna Deva Raya, The book of craz exam stories etc.

Children don’t like being preached but then there are ways. To start with, gift them this book and connect them with their culture and roots.

I highly recommend it.

Happy reading.

Akanksha Datta


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