The Sweetest Mango

Book review

Author- Malavika Shetty

Pictures- Ajanta Guhathakurta

Publisher- Tulika Books

Age group- 5 and up

Price- INR 150/-

Mango, the National fruit of India, Haiti and Philippines is a world wide relished fruit. Eat it raw or maybe make a chilled mango shake, how about a mango ice cream or a mango mocktail. Who doesn’t love eating mango, rightly called the King of all fruits. Raw, green, sour and juicy, mango is irresistibly tasty. Summer time is mango time , a time when children wait for ripe, golden, plump and soft mangoes.

This sweet simple story is about a little girl who is extremely fond of eating mangoes. Suma and Jyothi are best friends and they share everything with each other. They are next door neighbors and are fond of each other. But one day Suma hides something from Jyothi. What is Suma hiding? Will Jyothi come to know or will Suma tell her the secret.

A story about friendship, sharing, love and mangoes.

Illustrations are brilliant adding flavor to the story. Bright colorful pictures are quite beautiful.

Simple and subtle the story would definitely inspire and entertain little avid readers. The little snippets of information included in the story will interest children and give them a better understanding of tulu language and its people. The book is available in 9 regional languages.

Malavika Shetty currently teaches at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta but every summer she loves traveling to Katapadi, her village near Udupi to enjoy her favorite fruit Mango.

Ajanta Guhathakurta has designed and illustrated several books for children. She lives in Delhi and teaches painting to kids.

Tulikabooks is a multi- lingual children’s books publishing house and has published several illustrated books for the young generation. Their storybooks are unique and amazing. They have a wide collection of award winning illustrated storybooks.



Happy reading

Akanksha Datta

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