How the onion got it’s layers?

Book review

Author: Sudha Murthy

Publisher: Puffin

Age group: 7 and up

Cover illustration by: Priyanka Pachpsnde

Cover design by : Devangana Dash

Onion, strong flavor and distinctive smell , it can be eaten raw or cooked. A herb related to the lily family it is a close relative of the garlic. Onions have also been used in medicines. Onions date back to being mentioned in the Bible as one of the foods that Israelites ate.

Onions do make you cry, right? That’s because of the sulfuric acid in it, though it isn’t dangerous but it does burn your eye . You can get rid of onion breath by eating parsley. Onions are low in calorie, high in calcium and vitamin C.

That’s quite an information about the onion. But I still haven’t talked about that one mysterious thing that onion has- layers. Have you noticed that the onion has many layers! Do you wonder why ? There must be some reason behind it.

Well ! Here’s a remarkable story to tell you why ? This wonderful chapter book reveals the big secret as to why onion has layers. A beautiful story with charming illustrations this tale will enlighten you in an amusing way.

India’s favorite storytelling and author Padma Shri Sudha Murthy brings alive this timeless tale with her inimitable wit and simplicity. A prolific writer in English and Kannada, she has written novels, technical books, travelogues, collection of short stories and non fiction pieces. Her stories are loved by readers of all ages.

Puffin is a longstanding children’s imprint of the British publishers Penguin books. Puffin’s classic series is very interesting and popular amongst kids. Their children literature is loved by all.

A perfect chapter book with rich vocabulary for young avid readers. Grab a copy and delayer the onion to know all the secrets .


Akanksha Datta

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