Books on Down’s Syndrome

Story books for kids on Down’s Syndrome

I didn’t understand by Tulika Books

Book review

Author: Mini Shrinivasan

Illustrator: Shubham Lakhera

Publisher: Tulika

Price: INR 165/-

Age group: 5+

Availability: easily available online and on book stores

A subtle and thoughtful story told by Manna about her few experiences at the school that she couldn’t comprehend. A young girl, she suffers from Down’s Syndrome and is unable to interpret certain events in her life.

The story was originally part of the book Celebrating Disabilities, a collaborative effort by writers, artist and sponsors for Ekansh Trust Pune- an NGO working for the inclusion of persons with Disability in mainstream society.

The story is about friends and playing, bullying and sharing. A story that reflects upon the innocence and simplicity of a special needs child. The story gives us a peek into their mind on they perceive the world to be and fail to understand the harsh and intense realities of it .

A straightforward and thoughtful story that deals with a very sensitive and important topic it talks about compassion, kindness and empathy at the same time evoking sense of responsibility and care. Beautifully written the story gives you an insight into the life of a child with Down’s Syndrome and the challenges they face.

The uncluttered yet emotive pictures movingly echo Manna’s told-as-it-is account of what she can and cannot understand. The illustrations are very expressive and subtle yet powerful.

Award winning writer Mini Shrinivasan bases her narrative on true events, and speaks Manna’s voice to understanding her guileless, trusting responses that are so different from the usual. Based in Pune Mini travels extensively to support projects working with children and teachers in the most backward parts of rural India. Both her earlier books with Tulika – Just a train ride away and The boy with two grandfathers have won National Awards.

Illustrator Shubham Lakhera lives in Chanderi and is fond of listening to stories. This is his his first book with Tulika.

This is a must have, children will learn to care and will understand the difference between sympathy and empathy.

Let’s not wait for schools to do workshops on certain relevant and sensitive topics. Let’s begin at home. Grab a copy to spread awareness amongst kids regarding special needs children and their struggles. Let Children ask you questions, answer them with patience and prudence. Their inquisitive minds would want to know more about special needs, Down’s Syndrome etc, don’t shun them. Provide them with correct information In a simple and understandable way.

Tulika books have always provided wonderful children literature. This is yet another masterpiece from their publishing house.


5 stars.

Happy reading

Akanksha Datta

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