Gone Grandmother

Book review

Author- Chatura Rao

Illustrator- Krishna Bala Shenoi

Publisher- Tulika Publisher

Age group- 6 and up

Availability- online and bookstores

Blessed are those who have grandparents. Loving, caring and affectionate, grandparents pamper you and give you the best upbringing possible. They will listen to your stories for hours, play with you, cook yummy dishes for you, narrate stories and save you from scolding.

Nina is one such lucky girl whose grandmother (Nani) loved her a lot. But one day nani has gone. Forever. Where? Nina doesn’t know. She keeps asking her mother but she grapples with answers.

Finally, she finds her own answers, through the warmth of memories, the comfort of imagination and a little bit of natural sciences!

The sensitive story will touch your heart with mixed emotions. The quietly reflective pictures treat the difficult subject of the loss of a loved one in a thoughtful and subtle way. Every illustration speaks a thousand words. The pictures are so realistic and refreshing.

The story evokes creativity and imagination. Children would not only relish the story and its beautiful illustrations but will also cherish the the message about family bonding and love.

Chatura Rao has written a couple of novels for children and short stories too that have appeared in several anthologies. She leads various workshops for children where they learn to make stories. This is her second book with Tulika after Nabiya.

Krishna Bala Shenoi is an illustrator, animator and film maker. He is particularly drawn to picture books and tries to bring a sense of wonder and gentleness to the images he creates for children

Yet another award winning story by Tulika books. This is definitely one of the best Tulika books.

Do grab a copy


Happy reading

Akanksha Datta

1 thought on “Gone Grandmother”

  1. Very true all of us luv our grand parents
    N grandparents can do any thing for grand children.
    Each and every child has golden memories .
    This book will enrich many memories.


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