Ammachi’s Glasses book review

Title- Ammachi’s Glasses

Publisher- Tulika Books

Age group- 1 and up

Availability- easily available on stores and online

Price- INR 165/-

Illustrator- Priya Kurian

Priya Kurian, one of the most celebrated Children story book illustrator and animator brings you the enchanting story of Ammachi, the cute and adorable grandma 👵🏻 who has lost her glasses and everything goes topsy turvy.

A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining story filled with drama, humor and local flavor. The wordless picture book spins a beautiful story that will enthrall the kids. Page after page, Ammachi will amuse kids with her interesting and intriguing activities while searching for her glasses.

The illustrations are very captivating and endearing. Each illustration evokes imagination and creativity. Children will be stimulated to create a story of their own through the bright and amusing pictures of Ammachi.

Various activities can be done after reading this silent book. The book is a good source for creative writing as it evokes imagination. Children can also recreate the magic by illustrating the story in their own version. Though it’s a wordless picture book yet it can be used by Children aged 7 and up for creative writing purposes.

Ammachi’s character is relatable and hence children of all ages will enjoy the humorous tale.

Tulika Publications has always come up with stories that are unique and inspiring. This is yet another perfect story by Tulika to inculcate love for books in young readers. Priya Kurian’s magic does the work. Grab a copy of Ammachi’s Glasses and enter the comical world of fun, excitement and surprises.

Happy reading


Akanksha Datta

1 thought on “Ammachi’s Glasses book review”

  1. Yes, akanksha chiidren relate to their grand parents very easily. Surely this story will reach to their heart. N imagination.
    Nicely reviewed.


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