Phoenix goes to school

Book review

Author: Michelle and Phoenix

Illustrator: Sharon Davey

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley publisher

Price: 1434 INR

Age group: 4 and up

Available online

Phoenix is all set to embark on her new journey as she starts her school. She is very excited but also scared of being bullied because of her gender identity. But with the support of her mother she enters a new world with strangers in it yet she is finds support and help and is able to communicate with them bravely about her gender.

Michelle, the author of the book is mother to 7 year old Phoenix , a Gender non-conforming child. The storybook talks about celebrating diversity, acceptance and courage to identity yourself to who you are.

Phoenix is a role model who encourages young people to come forward and share their stories without any hesitation or fear. The story implores to be proud of who you are.

The illustrations are very simple yet bright and powerful. They tend to engage kids with the storyline.

This book is a delightful tale straight from the mouth of a 7 year old narrating The truth of her life that helps parents, families and educators to understand the complexities, challenges and realities of transgender youth.

A story filled with mixed emotions of courage, fear, acceptance and individuality.

Do read to get an insight into a Tran gender child’s life.

Remember all seek love and respect it’s all about acceptance.

Happy reading.

Akanksha Datta

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