Kaya’s Heart Song

Title: Kaya’s Heart Song

Author : Diwa Tharan Sanders

Illustrator: Nerina Cenzi

Publisher: Lantana Publications

Age group: 4 and up

Kaya , an adorable young girl listens to her mother hum a song while the latter meditates. Now Kaya longs for her own special heart song. Will she be able to find one? How will she find her heart song.

Set in the beautiful jungle of Malaysia, a delightful story on the topic of mindfulness that depicts the importance of having focus in life and listening to your inner voice. The lavish illustrations are bright colorful and amazing. They actually transport you to the place and live the moment with Kaya in the lush green jungle. A diverse cast of characters will enthrall the kids.

The book enlightens the kids about the importance of Yoga and shows Yoga poses through out. The book aims to promote mindfulness and explains the concept in a beautiful way. Kids will definitely ponder over their heart song after reading the story.

Lots of wonderful creative activities can be done alongside reading the story.

Diwa Sanders is a Malaysian author, a keen yoga practitioner herself she teaches meditation and hence understands the vital importance of it in real life specially for children.

Highly recommend it.

Happy reading


Akanksha Datta

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