Mala’s Silver Anklets

Book review

Author: Annie Besant

Illustrations: Nancy Raj

Publisher: Tulika books

Price : 125/- INR

Available online and on bookstores

Age group: 2 and up

Book is recommended by CBSE

Boo 👻! Every child loves doing that. Scaring others just out of fun. Sometimes even elders do that for fun sake.

Mala, the little girl in the story loves scaring people. She enjoys creeping up from behind and scaring the hell out of everyone. Everybody is fed up and they don’t know what to do ?

One day Mala’s mother gives her a pair of silver anklets. But why did she give her such a thing. What was her purpose? Why did she give her silver anklets?

Read the story and find out the role of the pretty anklets. The charming story with beautiful and colorful illustrations is a must read. A story filled with mischief and fun.

Little readers will definitely enjoy meeting cute Mala. A perfect book for young readers starting to learn the art of reading.

Tulika books has always something great to offer to the young readers.

Author Annie Besant started writing at the age of 6. With a masters in Professional Writing from the university of Southern California she now lives in Chennai and continues to write. When I grow up is her otherbook with Tulika.

Nancy Raj is a highly talented and individualistic illustrator who loves doing comic strips and caricatures ad Ofcourse picture books for children.

Grab a copy now.


Happy reading

Akanksha Datta

4 thoughts on “Mala’s Silver Anklets”

  1. Thanks for the review. I love how you have beautifully described about this book. I was looking for a book for my boy and this is going to be the one. Thanks again and keep posting about your recommended collection🙂


  2. Hi Akanksha
    Rashmi here !!
    Loved the collection you are proposing
    So interesting , would hv never thought of Checking these authors untill I saw them on ur blog
    Love them thanks a lot

    As always I will keep coming back to ur blogs

    Thanks to help kids enjoy reading



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