The train to impossible places

The train to impossible places

Author : P.G.Bell

Illustrator: Flavia Sorrentino

Publisher: Usborne

Age group: 8 to 12

Genre: Fiction fantasy

Are you all set for an adventure like no other. Trust me this one will be unforgettable, thrilling and enchanting. You will discover things like never before and will enjoy losing yourself in the mysterious world.

Get ready to explore the unknown. Suzy an 11 year old physics enthusiast wakes up one night to discover a railway track in middle of her house. And then the Impossible Postal Express arrives.

Will Suzy board it and get lost in the mysterious world or will she board it and discover unknown places beyond imagination. Or will she just let her imagination come to senses and stay at home.

A good story with a great sense of humor and a healthy irony. Unique characters make it all the more interesting and intriguing. Have you ever seen a yellow ( blonde) brown bear ? Thee are many more to keep you hooked to the books

A train journey which will be no less than a high speed roller coaster. So do board it and enjoy the thrill and adventure with twists and turns . Let your imagination run wild.

Must read.

Happy reading


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