Same-same or Different ?

Book review

Same -same or Different

Author: Roopa Pai

Illustrator: Rohit Kelkar

Pratham Publications

Age group: 4 to 7

A wonderful storybook by Roopa Pai that teaches the concept of SORT IT OUT through a beautiful and heartwarming story about friendship between a Sparrow and a snake. Sorting and grouping are important skills in mathematics and in order to do that you need to think logically. This book helps little minds learn these concepts in an easy and fascinating way.

With good vocabulary language is simple. The entire story is in conversation form which is quite interesting. The dialogues are well written and catchy. Illustrations by Rohit Keller are cute and adorable. The colorful pictures complement the words. I loved the cute little Sparrow and the snake in school uniform.

Do you wish to meet their headmaster? Well then grab a copy.

An interesting book filled with fun facts and knowledge. The curious minds will enjoy reading it. Their never ending questions will get apt answers in this storybook. When learning becomes interesting reading becomes fun.

Author Roopa Pai is a journalist and Children story book writer. An award winning author she has more than 20 published books to her credit. She is the author of The Gita for children and Taranauts. Most of her books are published by Hacette India.

Illustrator Rohit Kelkar is an Indian artist working in the European animation industry. His work ranges from 2D animation to character design, visual development and illustration.

Pratham Publications are know for their educational storybooks that arouse curiosity and interest in children. They are a non profit organization bringing storybooks to Children across India in their mother tongue languages. The genres they publish in are fiction non-fiction, drama and poetry. Their mission is to see ‘A book in every child’s hand’.

Same same but different is good read for young readers.


Happy reading

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