Indoor activities for kids

Hello parents,

At this time of the year when kids finish all their exams, are all set to enjoy holidays and would be starting their new session soon these unexpected extended holidays because of coronavirus threat where they are contained in their homes must be a bit troublesome to deal with.

So here I am to help you with few tips to keep your children engaged in productive indoor activities.

Firstly stay calm and be patient. They are kids and they love being hyperactive and energetic all the time. If they behave in a bit cranky way it’s because their playtime is hampered and their outings are being limited. Your happy and positive mood will keep them happy and optimistic too. It’s a fact that entertaining kids is not easy but it’s not impossible either.

To start with let them enjoy watching television for a set time in a day. Supervise what they are seeing on TV. Read books with them or if they are big enough to read alone, give them a cozy space in house to enjoy reading. Motivate and encourage them to write. Get some art and craft activities that they can enjoy at home. There are many options available in market where kids learn with fun activities like quilling, smartivity, puppet making, candle making, soap making, clay models, science experiments hand painting, fridge magnet making, best out of waste, etc etc. Kids can come together and play some board games. Get some good activity books available in market. Doodling is also a great engaging activity. Little older kids 9+ can make presentations on computer, give them a topic and they can do something productive. As eating out is prohibited due to chances of infection cook some junk food at home to curb their hunger for outside food. Let them play outside in your locality under your observation. If they wish to do nothing just let them be. Let them take their time.

Being their guardians we have to become their support system and make them comfortable by not panicking, getting frustrated or irritated and understanding that this time will pass by. Let’s fight it together with compassion love and care.

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