Mommy’s little sunflowers

Title : Mommy’s Little Sunflowers

Author: Angela Mcallistor

Illustrator: Aloson Edison

Publisher: Littletiger

Price: INR 299/-

Age group: 3+

A storybook of two young rodents Scurry and Scamp who embark on a big adventure to get sunflower 🌻 .

Scurry brings home seed to grow and then gift a sunflower to his mother but unfortunately his under sibling eats the seed and now the former is left with nothing. But then a blackbird tells them where to find sunflowers and the journey begins.

Will they be able to find the sunflowers or will they end up getting nothing. A tale of sibling love caring and sharing. The book is all about growing up together and the sense of responsibility towards each other.

Language is simple and the illustrations are big beautiful and bright. The story has a cute twist at the end that the kids will definitely enjoy.

Do grab a copy for your young readers .


Akanksha Datta

Happy reading

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