Tips on partner reading

Partner reading is one of the best forms to develop interest in Children and also to increase concentration. Remember parents your child won’t just start reading according to you and become an avid reader as every parent wants. You need to inculcate the habit in your child and partner reading is the best method to start with. Let the child choose the book. It’s absolutely fine if they wish to repeat the book. Everyone has favorites.

For young readers take good picture books with less text and big illustrations. Read with them at their pace. With elder kids (7+) read one page each or one chapter each if you are reading novels. Reading at school is different and reading at home with parents is different.You need to understand that it’s a collaborative effort. For little grown up kids 9+ you can have reading play dates where their friends read and discuss with them. Make sure you are interested in reading with no distractions. Show excitement and enthusiasm.

It all starts with putting in efforts , if you are all set to discover the world of books with your kids they will enjoy and learn more. And it isn’t necessary to make it a daily ritual, if you can well and good if you can’t it’s ok take it easy. It’s all about that ‘me time’ with your child where you read and have fun.

Let’s partner read.

Akanksha Datta

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