The Detective Dog

Title: The Detective Dog

Author: Julia Donaldson

Illustrations: Sara Ogilvie

Publications: Macmillan

Price: INR 299/-

Age group: 3+

Nell is an amazing dog with olfactory sense. She can solve any mystery. She spends her day sniffing out her master Peter’s missing things and solving difficult problems.

Monday is a very special day for Nell as she visits Peter’s school where she is pampered a lot. Students read her lots of stories and she loves the smell of books. She loves listening to all kinds of storybooks.

But one unfortunate day Nell and Peter reach school to find out that all books have disappeared. Who could have taken all the books and why ? Luckily detective dog Nell will solve the mystery.

A beautiful book with extremely lively and awesome illustrations this is a must have. A story about reading and library this book portrays the beautiful relationship of a dog and her master.

You will love the rhyming effect!

Young readers will definitely enjoy and live it. A good book to develop reading habit in kids.


Thank you so much

Akanksha Datta

Happy reading

1 thought on “The Detective Dog”

  1. Nell n peter ‘s relations are amazing.
    Surely kids will enjoy to read a detective dog’s story.


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