Anya and her baby brother

Title: Anya and her Baby Brother

Author: Jerry Pinto

Illustrations: Maithili Joshi

Publisher: Tulika

Age group: 3 and up

Price: English- INR 175/-

Available in eight other languages- INR 150/-

Easily available online and at bookstores

Anya has a baby brother but he needs special care as he is a special child. But Anya is fed up of handing him.

Her mother explains her that he needs support and love with compassion. And then comes along a butterbeing who takes her up in the sky where she sees different things here and there and realizes that every child is special. ☺️

A beautiful book with a bit of sci-fi, a bit of humor , creativity and originality , captive pictures and an adorable story its a must read.

A story that teaches compassion, love and care .

These kind of books are small steps to sensitize kids and help them become a better human being who understands that every individual is special and every individual deserves love .

A simple touching story

Must read

Happy reading


Akanksha Datta

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