Captain Awesome

Title : Captain Awesome series

Author: Stan Kirby

Illustrations: George O Connor

Publisher: Little Simon

Age group: 6 to 9

Price: INR 175/-

Easily available at stores and online

This super hero series which is in comic book format with illustrations and chapters will surely attract attention of young readers specially boys.

Eight year old Eugene Mcgillicudy has just shifted to a new place and is about to start a new school, so he needs to make new friends in a totally new surrounding. Will he succeed ? Or is he scared? Maybe not because he also a superhero Captain Awesome who is on a mission to save the world from super villains.

Each book is filled with different adventures and how Eugene solves the problem with his quick thinking and imagination. Author’s amusing third person narration and illustrator’s hilarious drawings make this book enormously appealing.

It’s a perfect book for students who shifted to chapter books.

Kids will definitely enjoy reading the book as it evokes imagination. Vocabulary is good and story build up is fun.


Happy reading

Akanksha Datta

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