Let’s talk about body boundary consent and respect

Title : Let’s talk about Body Boundary Consent and Respect

Author: Jayneen Sanders

Price: hardcover ( 1550/- but available at 50%discount online )

Paperback (749/- but available at good discounts online)

Age group: 3 and up

In today’s world where parents are always worried whether their children are safe at school or at public places and even at home with relatives, a book like this is a blessing.

A child needs to understand the concept of ‘good touch bad touch’ and respectful relationships and expressing feelings and emotions without fear.

Be it boys or girls, they are affected and go through similar trauma when it comes to harassment or molestation within or outside family. So it’s very important for parents to deal with this issue on priority basis and counsel their kids regularly.

This book definitely gives a good insight into the do’s and don’t that Children need to understand when it comes to ‘good touch bad touch. Illustrations are beautiful and language is powerful. The pictures are very expressive and relatable.

A must buy


Happy reading

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