The Dragon’s toothache

Book review

Title: The Dragon’s Toothache

Author: Annie Besant

Illustrations: Rayika Sen

Publisher: Karadi tales

Price: INR 399/- ( available on discounts online)

Age group: 7 and up

Dragons are scary and big and dangerous! That’s what we always think about them right! But sometimes they also need help!

The story revolves around a Dragon who is suffering from a toothache and doesn’t know what to do. A little girl returning from school hears him wail and tries to help. But unfortunately she slips in the dragon’s mouth!

Will she be able to come out or will the dragon eat her up? Or will she get a surprise inside dragon’s stomach. Will the dragon keep suffering the toothache?

Story is quite interesting with a message and advice for children. Illustrations are extremely bright and beautiful. Vocabulary is quite good and you will need to sit with a dictionary to find out meaning of words.

Kids will get introduced to Onomatopoeia. A figure of speech where words which sound and mean the word itself are used like slurp, dishoom, boom, ting tong, boing , bow bow… etc

You can do amazing activities related to this story.

Kids will like the book as story is well written and crafted.

Founded in 1996 Karadi Tales is an independent children’s Publications based in Chennai focusing primarily on picture books and audio books.

Must read


Happy reading

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