Leela’s loose tooth

Title: Leela’s loose tooth

Author: Mamta Nainy

Illustrator: Habib Ali

Publisher: Tulika

Price : INR 125/-

Age group: 3 and up

Easily available online and at stores

Leela has a loose tooth and she is super excited about it. She has set up her plan of what to do with the tooth. She is impatiently waiting for the D- day.

What happens to her tooth ? What does she do with it?

The story is definitely very sweet with an unexpected climax. Kids will definitely relate to the book and enjoy reading.

Illustrations are simple and apt. Language and vocabulary are easy.


Happy reading

Akanksha Datta

1 thought on “Leela’s loose tooth”

  1. Akanksha probably this is story with which we all will relate. When we were children we had fancies about our broken tooth.
    Stories that if we throw on sky a wish is fulfilled or dig it under some place n a new member arrives .
    So little kids would luv it
    Keep the wheel moving.


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