The Totally Terrifying Three

An award winning author brings you the story of a Dragon who is convinced that he is totally terrifying. After seeing himself in the mirror he concludes that everyone is terrified of his looks. So he decides to leave her s home. But on his journey he meets a Witch and a Giant who sail in the same boat and are convinced that they are also totally terrifying.

So now the terrifying three continue journey together until they meet a toddler who shows the a different perspective about themselves and makes them realize that they are actually not that terrifying or scary at all.

Language is simple and illustrations are quite colorful and bright. The book will appeal kids aged 2 to 6.

As the story has different characters one can do amazing activities with the storybook.

Publisher: Hodder Children book

Price: INR 350/-

Easily available at stores and online

1 thought on “The Totally Terrifying Three”

  1. Akanksha, three terrifyiing animals n a child imagination about them must be a new thought all together

    This teaches ye that children r pure at heart .Feel like reading this.


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