Oi cat!

Cat wants to sit but then Cats sit on gnats! Really ! But what if cat isn’t comfortable or doesn’t like sitting on gnats? Can the frog and the dog help ?

An award winning author brings another masterpiece filled with fun and more fun and more silly fun. A brilliant rhyming storybook filled with animals and their never ending silliness.

Illustrations are so bright and beautiful that the kids will be glued to the storybook. A perfect book to gift a young reader.

Publisher: Hodder Children Books

Age group: 3 to 7

Price: INR 350/-

Good discounts online

Happy reading

1 thought on “Oi cat!”

  1. Akanksha while reading your review the which stuck my mind with happiness is silly fun .
    Really in this era of work n tension simple ,silly n pure laughter is lost. This book will surely give reader a new taste.
    The pics says a lot.
    Keep the good work going.
    We need such guidelines..


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