Rooster Raga

Book : Rooster Raga

Author: Natasha Sharma

Illustrations: Priya Kuriyan

Publisher: Tulika

Price : English INR 175/-

Other languages INR 150/-

Age group: 2 to 5 (read aloud)

5 to 8(read along)

Easily available at bookstores and online

Meet Ruru, a rooster who has a unique talent. He is an artist and has discovered his talent as a raha singer after much struggle. He is no ordinary rooster with kookadoo koo tune. Every time he opens his mouth he sings something different. His friends try to teach him while they skip and stretch, roll and stamp while he sings.

A cheerful story with beautiful bright and big illustrations invites the readers to tap along with the colorful and expressive characters. Illustrations are just too amazing. Vocabulary is quite good.

Well written and conceptualized by Natasha Sharma and beautifully illustrated by Priya Kuriyan, this story will definitely entertain you.

Perfect book for young readers.

Happy reading

Akanksha Datta

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