Bookasura and Koobandhee

Bookasura and Koobandhee aren’t these names intriguing? Who are they ? Are they monsters ? Or demons ? Or aliens maybe? Or they are creatures just out of imagination!

Award winning Children story book author Arundhati Venkatesh and ace Illustrator Priya Kurian bring you two unique stories that will entertain and enthrall little readers.

Koobandhee is a sequel to Bookasura. Both the books are simple filled with humor and quite entertaining. Filled with thrill the young readers would not stop reading.

The stories are very much Indian and relatable. The message in the books that reading is important and develops your imagination is well portrayed though it’s ironic that solution to the problem in the stories comes through cartoon character from TV and not from books. The end of the stories are a bit unexpected yet the books are worth the read.

But still the books are extremely amusing and teach lot of good things to the kids.

Vocabulary is good and story narration is amazing.

Illustrations are extremely good and attractive.

A must buy .

Publisher: Scholastic

Price: INR 195/-

Age group: 7 and up

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