One two three four

One two three four

One two three four

A table has four legs, so does a chair. A cat has four legs and so does a dog. A car has four wheels. Four is very special number for Ela as it’s her birthday tomorrow and she is turning FOUR.

A beautiful book that every child can relate to as birthdays are always special and most awaited.

Bright bold and colorful illustrations make this story an attractive and interesting one.

Available in 9 Languages (Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, English) this book will definitely enthrall little readers.

Publisher: Tulika

Author: Poile Sengupta

Illustrator: Greystroke

Price: INR 175/- ( English) ,

INR 150/- rest all other languages

Ages: 2 to 8

Easily available online and at bookstores.

2 thoughts on “Four”

  1. Akanksha I follow your blog and must say that u r doing a great work.
    Four in so many languages tell it,’s own success.
    Children luv such things
    Keep doing .
    Your work had shown many children n parents a way.


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