Books for kids with special needs

Autism- a developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact is found in many children. Earlier it was difficult to understand and explain autistic behavior but in present times Autism is dealt with in a very positive way. Autistic kids are treated in an optimistic and sensitive way to help them grow in a healthy and better individual. Schools have special arrangements for training these kids which help them evolve better in social surroundings.

Here I am recommending some good storybooks that deal with autism. Beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated these books should be read by all the kids in order to develop compassion and empathy. These books help children to understand autistic behavior and how to deal with it. Books are easily available online.

Sensitizing kids towards these topics is very essential to develop a cordial ambience and generate an equal and balanced learning atmosphere.

These books can also be a good gift for children.

To see the change let’s be the change .

Grab a copy now.


Akanksha Datta

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