Girl power

This book is reviewed by Samaira Kalra age 11 New Delhi Montfort Senior Secondary School.

Title : Girl power

Author :Neha J Hiranandani

Illustration : Niloufer Wadia

Publisher : Scholastic

Price : INR 395

Age- 10-13 years

8-10read along

The book has a collection of experiences of a few brave Indian women who broke stereotypes and made a change.

The book’ Girl power ‘engages young girls and inspires them not to be quiet and fight for their essential rights. The book also motivates them to move on in life and not stop if they have met with a tragic incident . It tells us that there are millions of opportunities waiting for us. The book gives the message that every girl is unique and equally special. The book talks about fifty dynamic girls who inspite of facing numerous challenges, refused to bow down. They worked hard and reached their goal irrespective of their social and economical background, family, skin, creed, religion, tribe and gender.

We should also try to be like some of these great legends and never stop.

Happy reading 📖

Thank you

Samaira Kalra

11 years

New Delhi

Montfort senior secondary school

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