Book review by Aasin

This story book is reviewed by Aasin Mehra aged 9 grade 5 Saint Patrick’s Vidya Bhawan Jodhpur

Title : The Secret Garden

Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett

Publishers: Oxford University press

Cover Page illustration: Hannah Davies

Age group: 9 and above

The main character in the storybook is girl named Mary who is an extremely stubborn child living in India under a caretaker. Her parents don’t wish to see her much . She is a selfish girl . But one day she I left all alone as her family members die due to cholera and she is sent to London to Mr Carbon his uncle. He had a big house with 200 rooms but most of them were locked. Mrs Medlock brought Mary to London and was handed to Martha the caretaker who was kind. Mary could not talk to Martha properly at first because she didn’t know English but then Mary learnt well and they both understood each other.

One day while roaming in the big garden Mary finds a key shown by a bird Robin hidden under Shrubs. She discovered a secret garden there.

Do you wish to know what was there in that garden and what did Mary do ? Did Mary stay the same selfish girl or did she change ?

The moral of the story is that one should believe in itself, magic lies within us .

Thank you

Dear parents,

This is an amazing book . It has 27 chapters with excellent content and great vocabulary. The book doesn’t have any illustrations but still is quite gripping and interesting. Characters are well portrayed. Children will learn a lot through this book and will definitely ponder over their behavior and personality after reading it. There are beautiful surprises at the end of the book that Children will love. Go grab a copy .

Happy reading

Akanksha Datta

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