Why do we need potty ?

Title: Why do we need potty ?

Author : Katie Daynes

Illustrator: Marta Alvarez Migvens

Publisher: Usborne

Price: 650/-

Age group- 1 to 3

Easily available online

This book is all about something very important that you wish to teach your toddler- potty training. ☺️ This beautifully illustrated book teaches child to be independent and move out of nappies. A gentle humour with simple language will make this flap book really interesting to read.

Go grab a copy or gift it to someone on his/her first birthday.

Happy reading

3 thoughts on “Why do we need potty ?”

  1. I loved the review Akanksha
    small brief and catchy review will surely grab the attention..for all parents..who love reading and can benefit simultaneously to make this work out funnier and manageable..


  2. Something very intresting .
    Surely a new concept not only for kids but also parents.
    Great work.
    We all are learning new things through you.
    Keep the good work


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