Book review by Prem Sharma

This book review is by 14 year old Prem from Singapore, grade 9 DPS International school.

Dear Parents ,

This book is a must have for every child. I highly recommend it. A book filled with funny incidents, magical family moments, naughty kids, adventures, thrills and more is a must read. This story will take you on a roller coaster ride filled with entertainment, surprises and an unexpected climax. Children will enjoy the way story is presented and will get engrossed in it.

An award winning book it will teach your children humility, politeness, kindness, decency and many more virtues through storytelling. A well crafted story with well crafted characters you will definitely enjoy this escapade.

Suitable for ages 8 and above.

Excellent vocabulary.

After reading the book do watch the movie featuring Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka and Freddie Highmore as Charlie.

Happy reading

Akanksha Datta


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