This review is written by Aashvi Soni aged 8 grade 3, MGPS school Jaipur.

Title: Panchtantra stories

Publisher: Dreamland Publication, Om Book, Wonder House

Price: Starting from INR 100/-

Age group: 3 to 8

The best thing about Panchtantra story book is many stories in one book. This book is filled with moral values and teaches us good things in life. It also gives social message like save water, save nature, be happy with what you have etc. Reading such books not only helps improving our vocabulary and reading skills with knowledge of new words but also improves our imagination and creativity. We should share such books with our friends and spread knowledge and wisdom.



Hello parents , definitely Panchtantra stories are our all time favorites. Trust me I love reading them even now. These stories really engage children and also teach them good values. These stories are written in very simple and easily understandable language. These days even illustrations are beautiful. These stories open up a child’s mind and make him more compassionate and kind. Our grandparents used to share such stories with us and they were so amazing. So grab a book for a fun read with kids. You can also do lots of activities related to Panchtantra stories like role play , puppet making, drawing art and craft etc to make the reading all the more fun.

Happy reading

Akanksha Datta

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