This book review is by Dev Vashisth age 10 grade 5 Shikshantar Schhol Gurugram.

Title: Frindle

Author: Andrew Clements

Illustrations: Brian Selznick

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Price: INR 175/-

Age group – 9 and above

The book Frindle is about a boy who tries to challenge the basic idea of why a ‘pen’ is called a ‘pen’. He phrases a new word for pen , naming it Frindle. But his English language teacher doesn’t like the idea at all, so she makes children use this word as less as possible. The story is about his persuasion to publicize his new word. Will he succeed in his goal?

This book is for readers who love stories based on school life. The several moments between the students and the teacher are very relatable. It also inspires the readers to think out of the box.

The book tells us about how teamwork can make difficult tasks easier than expected and how we all can overcome difficulties together.

The book is in chapters with few wonderful illustrations. The font is big and makes reading enjoyable.

On a scale of 1 to 5 I would rate the book as 5/5.

Do but the book and read it as it’s very interesting .

Thank you

4 thoughts on “Frindle”

  1. Yes it’s an intresting fact that children love to make their own new words. They use it in their own ways.
    Nice story
    It may encourage children to make some new words.


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