Book review by Ayeesha Maheshwari

This book is reviewed by Ayeesha Maheshwari aged 7 grade 2 from Heritage Experiantal Learning School Gurugram.

Title: The lost voice

Series creator: Roderick Hunt and Alex Brychta

Publisher: Oxford

Age group: read aloud (3 to 6)

Read along (7 and above )

Price: 265/-

Easily available online

I love this storybook as it’s about a boy Chip who is not well as he had bad cough and he has lost his voice and his dog Floppy wants to find his voice and help him.

While Chip is taken to the doctor Floppy finds his voice everywhere in the house but is unable to find it. But when Chip comes back from visiting the doctor he is feeling a bit better and can speak so Floppy is very happy but Chip’s mother is shocked to see the house .

Why is she shocked? What happened? Buy the book to find out.

The vocabulary is very good and the drawings are very interesting and colorful. I find the book very interesting and super funny. So I love reading it .

Happy reading


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