Twilight in the land of nowhen

Book review by Kartik Vohra, Age 10, Class 5 , O P JINDAL MODERN SCHOOL Hissar

Title: Twilight in the land of Nowhen

Author:Nury Vittachi

Publisher: Scholastic

Age group: 8 and above

Price: 175/-

Easily available online

The name of this book is Twilight in the land of Nowhen by Nury Vittachi and it is a Science fiction book. This story is about a boy Simon who is three seconds ahead of the rest of the whole world. He faces many problems because of this like, answering even before the question is put up, he is not able to make any friends because he is unable to communicate properly.

His life changes after meeting a stitcher cone who mends fabric of time. With the help the latter and his dad’s hover car he sets on a thrilling adventure and comes across the darkest secrets of universe. He faces a fate worse than death.

I suggest everyone should read this book to find out whether Simon was saved or lost in Nowhen a land where everyone forgets and disappears.

Thank you so much

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