Book review

Graded English Grammar

Publisher: Dreamland publication

Price : INR 200/-

Age group: 8 to 10 (grade 3 and 4)

Hello everyone! For the first time I have something new and interesting for your children. No it’s not a storybook this time but something which they definitely need as an extra help in academics.

Today I will review a practice book for grammar which I came across while browsing books in a book store and found it quite useful.

This colorful book with beautiful illustrations will definitely develop interest in Children to practice grammar. Most of the topics coming in grade 3 and 4 are covered and there are sufficient exercises for all the topics. Answers are also given at the back of the book for help.

The workbook is quite colorful which makes it attractive to read. And no hassle to keep a separate notebook as there is enough space to complete the work in workbook itself.

This book will definitely be an added benefit for children to revise and practice grammar .

The book is easily available on Amazon or any book store.

Happy studying 📖


Akanksha Datta

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