Mimi and her busy Mum

Title : Mimi and her busy Mum

Author: Fatima Sharafeddine

Illustration: Rasha Mounib Al Hakim

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Price: INR 250/-

Age group: 3 to 5 read aloud

5 to 7 read along

Mimi is upset with her mother . But why ? Mimi’s mother loves her so much. Mimi, isn’t it a cute name ! This book on cute little Mimi and her mother is a story of most of the mothers these days who are balancing work life with family responsibilities. It’s not easy being a mother and being in a profession that demands time and attention.

This beautiful story describes the role of a woman as a doting mother and also a responsible career woman.

Each woman plays a crucial role in upbringing her children be it a homemaker or a career oriented lady. They know their duties and responsibilities but still face challenges and try to overcome them in the best way possible.

This beautiful story talks about mother daughter relationship and describes their bond in a beautiful way.

Language is simple and vocabulary is pretty simple.

Illustrations are very bright and beautiful.

Grab this story book to spend some quality time with your little one. Give them a hug and read this lovely story with them.



Happy reading

1 thought on “Mimi and her busy Mum”

  1. Yes Akanksha,mother-daugter relationship has many sided effects on personal level , social level n emotional level too. Very soon daughter’s understand their mother but in modern days life brings new challenges in day to day life. This story will tell us how to cope with it n how little Mimi in us reacts.
    Thanks for such a good suggestion


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