The Girl who drank the moon

The Girl who drank the moon

Author : Kelly Barnhill

Publisher: Piccadilly Press

Illustrator: Yuta Onoda

Age group: 10 and above

A New York Times Bestseller and winner of The Newberry Medal 2017, this book is impossible to put down. A beautiful fairytale filled with enchantment and entertainment. The story has witches, magic spells flying dragons and a talking swamp creature- Glerk.

This thrilling story is about a girl named Luna who has some mysterious powers. But how did she get these powers. The story involves a witch named Xan. Every year the people of Protectorate leave a baby as sacrifice to the witch who lives in the forest. But Xan isn’t evil, she is a kind hearted witch who gives these babies a new home. She nourishes the babies with starlight on the journey to the other side of the forest. But once she accidentally feeds a baby with moonlight filling the child with extraordinary powers . So she decides to keep the baby to herself and raise her as her own calling her Luna. But she has no clue that Luna’s powers are dangerous and they have severe consequences. Read the book to discover what happens next.

The novel is extremely remarkable and evokes thoughts and imagination. It not only entertains but also educated children. It teaches kids to find strength and court within themselves and strive to do what is right in difficult times.

The language of the book is quite impressive and vocabulary is too good. It’s a chapter wise book . Children will definitely enjoy as the story is quite unique and different. Go grab a copy and enter the magic world.



Akanksha Datta

Happy reading

2 thoughts on “The Girl who drank the moon”

  1. The way u have given small chunks of the story ,which has elements like magic , power, challenges , increases anxiety to read the whole story.Surrly young children vill luv to read it n some of them will even plan their own magic stories.
    Thanks Akanksha .


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