Title: POPS

Author: Balaji Vekataraman

Illustrator: Twiggy

Cover Design: Ayushi Saxena

Publisher: Duckbill

Price: INR 225

Age group: 8+

There is something very intriguing about this book, is it the story, the characters, the set up or the language? May be a mix of all! Written in a simple sweet way it perfectly expresses the feelings, emotions and thoughts of a seven year old child.

The book is beautifully written keeping in mind a child’s perspective and the content is exactly according to a seven year old’s dictionary knowledge. The author did a great job to write in first person narrative as a child keeping in mind not to use complicated language which is quite remarkable!

The story is about a little boy Arun who lives with her mother and grandparents with no clue about his father’s whereabouts. Then suddenly one day the latter turns up and Arun’s life goes on a roller coaster ride with different experiences with his father around. His hate and dislike towards the latter slowly turns to appreciation though not love.

What I loved in the book is the realistic explanation of the settings that make you visualize the story in a better beautiful way. You actually become the part of the scene while reading it. Be it a mall, a court room or just a park.

Characterization is quite good with due attention to portray each and every character in a relatable way.

Children would love to continue reading the book for one major reason- small chapters. The little illustrations at the bottom of the page are cute and apt and eye catching too.

The topic is quite unique but then it’s dealt with in a very subtle positive and neutral way with no preachings or judgements or one sided notions. It just presents a perspective, understand it in your own way.

What I would have asked for is a couple of more chapters unfolding the story a bit more for a befitting end but then there’s always a scope of sequel.

All in all a good story a different topic dealt with in a sensible way. Children would definitely get a different perspective to certain things in life after reading the book.

Grab a copy


Happy reading

Akanksha Datta

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