Greetings from somewhere

Title: Greetings from somewhere. The mystery of the stolen painting

Author: Harper Paris

Illustrated by: Marco Cali

Publisher: Little Simon

Age group: 7 and above

Ethan and Ella are twins. They are all set to visit Paris for their vacations and all the more excited to find the secret bakery their grandmother told them about. They are thrilled that they would be visiting Eiffel Tower and Louvre museum that they have only seen in pictures till now.

But they aren’t aware that their trip would soon become a detective mission where they would end witnessing a theft. Will they find the bakery and will they solve the case without getting into any trouble.

Read the book to find out.

A chapter wise book with large prints and lots of illustrations on every page that speak up for the story. Language is easy and simple. There is a glossary of French words at the back of the book to help the readers.

Story is average with not much thrill and excitement.

A one time read just for fun.



Akanksha Datta

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