Judy Mudy

Title: Judy Moody was in a mood

Author: Megan McDonald

Illustrations: Peter H Reynolds

Publisher: walker.co.in

Age group: 8 and above

Happy, angry, frustrated, annoyed, elated, excited, grumpy, cool, optimistic, joyful, dull….. so what’s your mood today ?

Meet Judy, her little brother Stink, her best friend Rocky and her pest friend( yes P e s t friend) Rank Pearl. All of them will surely put you in a very different mood today.

The story is about a girl named Judy who has got a project – make your collage! And while completing her project she undergoes different kinds of moods that will take you on a roller coaster ride. She loves playing tricks .

Read the book to find out whether Judy will ever finish her collage the way she wants it or will it be incomplete?

The story is extremely interesting and the vocabulary is quite simple. There are many interesting facts in book that Children would love to discover. It’s a chapter wise book of 160 pages. Worth a read.

Kids will definitely read it repeatedly and relish it .


Akanksha and Kaashvi Datta


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