The case of the candy bandit

Book : The case of the Candy Bandit

Author : Archit Taneja

Cover art : Kaveri Gopalakrishnan

Publisher : Duckbill

Age group : 9 and above

Price : INR 175/-

Do you wish to join Superlative Super Sleuths. Trust me it isn’t easy as there are strict rules like only founding members can recruit new members, if not selected do not annoy for another chance, homework shall be sacrificed for crime solving , crime solving oath is compulsory and no yawning in between and there are many more rules which you can read the book to find out.

Sweets are disappearing from the lunch boxes and the culprit is on loose so it’s high time to find him/her and solve the mystery. There are too many suspects but prime suspects are Mrs Datta, Ayush and Aarti. Filled with suspense you will have a roller coaster ride with thrill and entertainment reading this story.

It’s a chapter wise book with good vocabulary. The suspense in the story keeps the interest alive. And believe me when the mystery will unfold in the climax you will be awestruck.

There are no illustrations in the book as such but a few small ones here and there.

Yet another fun story by Duckbill that you you need to have on your book shelf.



Akanksha Datta

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