Salem the knife sharpener

Title: Salim The Knife Sharpener

Author: R.Amrarendran

Pictures: Ashok Rajagopalan

Publisher: Tulika

Age group: 3 to 5 read aloud

5 to 7 read along

Salim is a knife sharpener and he visits different villages to earn money. Eid is approaching and now he has to work even harder to get gifts and food for his family. But will Salim be able to get enough work or will he try new places to earn. Whom will he meet and how will they help him? Read this humorous story to find out.

Illustrations are lively, colorful and amazing in this book. Language is simple and easily understandable. Kids will definitely enjoy the story a lot.

The book is filled with onomatopoeia words which makes it all the more interesting. Read the book to find what onomatopoeia is ?

A must have for your little ones. This visit to the jungle would be really thrilling.



Akanksha Datta

2 thoughts on “Salem the knife sharpener”

  1. A knife sharpener is probably a new person for this generation. Thanks to you for choosing a story that can enlighten kids about different occupations. As it seems intresting n araises many questions about the character.
    Thanks akanksha for showing way to luv books.
    Wait for next review.


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