The Elephant and the Cassowary

Title: The Elephant and the Cassowary

Author: Ruskin Bond

Publisher: rupa publication

Cover art : Mohit Suneja

Age group: 9 and above

A wonderful book about how two absolutely mismatched animals meet and then an amazing story begins on how they try to be one up than each other. It’s a hilarious tale filled with comic elements.

The stories in the book are elated and thought-provoking. The description of the animals, the wild and the forests is extremely realistic.

The language is refined and polished. Vocabulary is too good. Children will have a roller coaster ride while reading it. Kids can write critical summary, describe characters in their own words, write a new chapter etc.

This chapter wise book has no images so kids can illustrate the chapters and give wings to their imagination.

This book definitely deserves to be on your book shelf.


Must read


Akanksha Datta

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