Susie will not speak

Book review

Susie will not speak

Author : Shruthi Rao

Illustrator: Lavanya Naidu

Publisher: Duckbill

Duckbill hole books

Age group: 7+

Susie will not speak ? But why ?

A wonderful story written beautifully about a girl who speaks with a lisp- a speech defect where s and z are pronounced as th.

Susie suffers from lisp and the story is about how she faces the people who tease her all the time until she meets Jahan, a good natured accident prone boy who becomes her best friend and accepts her the way she is without mocking or teasing her.

The vocabulary in the story is quite interesting and very funny specially when Susie speaks with a lisp. She calls herself Thuthie.

Children will love the book and will understand how to have empathy and not bully others. Story teaches to be kind and compassionate and respect a person’s individuality. It’s all about being kind and supportive.

The illustrations are very beautiful and interesting. They complement the story aptly and bring out the feelings of the characters in a wonderful way.

This chapter wise book is great to introduce novels to children.

Author Shruthi Rao has been writing since 10 years and published more than 8 Children story books. She has won several awards and is a multi- talented personality.

Animator and illustrator Lavanya Naidu has worked with Google, Amazon, Cartoon Network and several publishing houses. She has beautifully illustrated several story books. A graduate from National institute of Design she is a celebrated artist amongst children literature.

Duckbill hole books range is an amazing collection of stories by authors like Shals Mahajan, Arundhati Venkatesh, Asha Nehemiah, Meera Nair etc. Each story is unique in its own way. Trust me, grab a copy and you will end buying them all.

4.5 stars

Thanks Akanksha

2 thoughts on “Susie will not speak”

  1. Amazing book Akanksha. I love your reviews. They are genuine and precise. I have gifted my nephew books on his birthday choosing books from your club. Thanks a lot!


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